You Party Because You're Supposed to

by Romie Romak

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released April 27, 2012

Recorded in Romie’s room onto cassette in the Spring of 2012
All songs written and performed by Romie Romak, except that Robot plays keys on “You Party Because You’re Supposed To,” and Brian Michael Evans plays guitar on “Sacrificial Friendship”

Mastered by Elias Gowins

Photography by Marianne Williams
Hair styling: Shawn Salcido
Jacket courtesy of Skingraft

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Special Thanks to Monkey Bucket, Tin Bucket, Dad, Marina, Jesse (xo), tlr, Rogie, Boy Alex, Scott M. Putesky, Cory Martin, Robin, Devi, Johan, Terry, Krystof, Kevin, Zac, Nick and the many others who have been a great influence on my life.

Romie reserves all the rights.



all rights reserved


Romie Romak Los Angeles, California

A version of pop music by Romie Romak

The songs reference and draw inspiration from iconography, mind control, and Easter well as the post-good phenomenon

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Track Name: You Party Because You're Supposed To
You party because you want to
you party because they tell you to
you party because you’re supposed to
When you live like this you’re supposed to party

Who’s the guy? You’re the guy
Can you fix it?
Tear down this red rope around me
drinks on you
I am not myself tonight
Something makes me feel preoccupied
Cash dropper
Do you think that you can handle it?
Is there a void you can fill?
Is there a glove you can fill?
Can you prove it?
Can you take it?
Can you drop it, pop it, lock it?
Ruminating all the things that you could do to me

We’re poor
and no one cares about us
They want us to be their slaves
work all day
and spend all night drinking the pain away

Who’s the girl?
You’re the girl
Upon you is the all seeing eye
And you looking like you like what you see
I’mma make you trust
You’re my special angel baby
I’mma spend it on that body
Friday is a holiday and we spend it recklessly
I feel compelled to do what I’m doing
But you can’t tell me not to do it
Drone girl for life

I’m not myself tonight
take it
take it

I know we could be spending time together
Come on, baby
Spread your thighs
or whatever
Track Name: Sacrificial Friendship
I’ve sacrificed our friendship
to the altar of my ego
I’m sorry you were the last to know
one day I’d do this
It was inevitable

We were always killing time
but would it be wrong to say we killed too much
to be like them?
“To be or not to be,” she said.
I won’t be controlled by the population
Don’t be like that

You don’t wanna talk to me again
We always end up hating the same friends
Are we really like that?
We must be sister cousins
Hang out everyday and then we talk about it

Do you have to be alone to pray?
I can’t control what you say
We trot right on and stomp on the plants of those memories
those revelries
You and I must make a pact
We must bring salvation back
Selfish is what a selfish does and I can’t control what you say
Track Name: Golden God
There’s a golden god who’ll try to make amends
Just when you think you’ll learn to love again
We keep your picture in our shopping bag
Came with the frame
Still working on the name
Oh, lord

Kind of like the preacher
if the preacher were a teacher
Call it Existentialist
You cower at the confidence
I make my own name
a name that stains the collar color
inhabit the inhabitants
breathe it in, the stench of it
a soundtrack to a life that seems charmed
I’ll make my own name
covering the collar color
to be the same
I’ll be employed by the game
I’ll be the best in the west at
covering the collar color
to the same
You’ll be controlled by the game
and be the best in the best
Doing so will feel like winning

I can be a preacher but if the preacher were a teacher
there would be no test to take
no time to raise a hand
all values are the same
unless you know why they’re tagged with the price there is to pay
I purchased my heart
and all the accessories to go with it
from a store with no name
glossing up the collar color
several ones feel the same
alone and playing a game
they told me love was the answer
separate the collar color
to be the same
I win by stopping the game
I am the best of the best
I’ll write my own holidays

I won’t buy what you tell me to consume
I’ll destroy the beast who employs you
Oh, lord

I will beat you

You’ll find it
I know you can

You make the make
to take the take
and scrape the scrape
and tell the lie
and cut the cord
to drive the slaves
baby, what do you expect staring into the computer screen?
fight fire with fire
Track Name: Cupcake Steak
Speak up, son
Move on, girl
Be tough, have fun, son
Be careful, be safe, girl

You weren’t meant to be broken
So don’t break now
You don’t need their rules to get along
Don’t let them tell you you’re not strong

When the bully speaks
They will never know him
On revenge,
I promise that I’ll show them

Ties and dresses
Cupcake steak
Make life so much easier